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Synthetic Rattan Furniture by Nature Corners

            Furnishing is an act of livening up a place. It is dependent on each individual’s lifestyle or each individual place, which informs the taste and style of the furnisher. Synthetic rattan furniture is another furnishing option that is receiving widespread use. Synthetic rattan furniture is considered craft due to its handmade nature that relies on the expertise of professional weavers who accommodate each client’s needs.             Nature Corners Ltd began with the thought of replacing the natural with the manufactured, combined with over 30 years of plastic expertise. We have researched and developed synthetic rattan in order to replace natural materials, while retaining the texture and finishes of natural rattan. We are able to, with our factory that manufactures our own synthetic rattan, control quality and innovate new technologies in response to the market. As many synthetic rattan furniture manufacturers in Thailand currently have local weavers, their furniture still varies in quality as they import synthetic rattan from China or Indonesia and are inappropriate for Thailand’s climate.             Nature Corner’s synthetic rattan exceeds natural rattan in many aspects, namely shape, colors, and textures. The ...
Synthetic Rattan Furniture by Nature Corners

Properties of Synthetic Rattan furniture by Nature Corners

Synthetic rattan line of Naturecorners which the special features more than natural rattan in both color and pattern. Also we can customize for customer’s special requirement. Synthetic Rattan             Our synthetic rattan is manufactured in our factory. It is made with HDPE (High-density polyethylene), which makes our rattan soft but flexible and durable against external forces, including breaking or other chemicals. The rattan is also composed of other factors to make it UV tolerant; retaining its vibrant color over years of use in extreme weathers. Aluminium             Our aluminium is lightweight, and is able to bear heavy weights. It is around 1.5 – 2.0 mm thick, which is specialized for furniture. There is no risk of breakage, snapping, rusting, or corrosion. Powder Coated Aluminium             We powder coat our aluminium structures in various colors, and then proceed to baking it at 200 degrees celsius. This process allows the aluminium structure to be polished, durable against extreme climates, scratching, and UV light. Furthermore, it slows down the fading of the rattan color. This process is also environmentally friendly. FABRIC             We ...
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